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This site is an extension of the textbooks Therapeutic Modalities and Laboratory Activities for Therapeutic Modalities published by the FA Davis Company.

A static, one-dimensional printed text can only go so far in explaining and demonstrating concepts. For students, using animated and interactive learning modules this site builds upon the information presented in the text. There are also multiple choice and interactive self-assessment quizzes for students to gauge their current understanding of the material.


An Instructor Resource center has most of the images used in the text (most in color) for use in handouts, PowerPoint presentations, and exams. For teaching, PowerPoints and videos are available.

General Resources provides useful links and downloads for students, instructors, and clinicians.

Discussion Boards are for case studies, group problem solving, and question and answers.

If you have therapeutic modality-related course material or teaching tips youd like to share, please [click here].

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